Pacific Handy Cutter SPD-017 Safety Blades Refill 

Safety Blades: One At A Time.

Especially designed for box cutting, this .017 thick, double honed blade precisely cuts corrugated boxes. Fits, S4®, S5, S7® , RZ3®, and EZ3® safety cutters. The patented blade dispenser, delivers a single blade each and every time. The top chamber is used to safely dispose of used blades.

Innovative Features:
  • Blunt safety tip blade prevents puncture wounds / damaged merchandise
  • Easy to use
  • Quickly dispense one blade at a time
  • Eliminates loose blades from the workplace
  • Dispenses 100 blades

Replacement Blade, Blade Safety, Blades
Grocery Store Worker, Facilities Workers, Wholesale Workers, Warehouse Workers, Retail Workers