Pacific Handy Cutter S5 

Make The Cut

From the Warehouse to the Shelf: The industry leading box cutter merges together a durable, integrated film cutter unit to bring you 3 tools-in-1. Standard innovative features include 3 box cutting positions, an ergonomic handle for precise cutting, permanent safety guard / guide with safety blade exposure window, and a tape splitter. 3 tools-in-1: box cutting,tape splitting and film cutting. Patents pending.

Innovative Features:
  • Blunt safety tip blade prevents puncture wounds / damaged merchandise
  • Integrated, replaceable film cutter
  • Top cut position for safe carton cutting / opening
  • Convenient 5 blade storage compartment
  • Button activated lock-out system: Safety cutter or film cutter only


Safety Carton Cutter, Tape splitter, Tray Display Cutter
Grocery Store Worker, Facilities Workers, Wholesale Workers, Warehouse Workers, Retail Workers

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